Candace Owens can't decide if calling people racists is okay - Doublethink by Candace Owens

She's always doing exactly what she claims the other side is doing

Doublethink Doublethink Candace Owens Candace OwensCandace Owens lacks any self-awarenessCandace Owens thinks Kanye is a free thinkerCandace Owens can't decide if the confederates were republicans or democratsCandace Owens still thinks Cesar Sayoc is a left wingerNobody cares what celebrities think. Unless they support Trump.Kanye's opinion is valid thoughCandace Owens can't decide if it's okay to use children to push an agendaCandace Owens can't decide if more border patrol equals bigger governmentCandace Owens is a privileged cuntCandace Owens doesn't know if it's cool to call others racistsCandace Owens isn't sure if America is racistCandace Owens calling ppl who disagree with her slavesCandace Owens can't decide if it's okay to call others racistsCandace Owens claims conservatives are as persecuted as gay ppl in the 80'sCandace Owens can't decide what true diversity isCandace Owens can't decide if calling people racists is okayCandace Owens can't decide if calling ppl slaves is okay or notCandace Owens can't decide if she should be offendedCandace Owens: Kanye has always been a free thinks except for when he hasn't beenCandace Owens can't understand why anyone would think she's a climate change denierCandace Owens denying that Trump ever made these commentsCandace Owens tries a no true scotsmanCandace Owens doesn't think that racists are stupidCandace Owens only likes pro Trump celebritiesCandace playing the victimCandace Owens playing the victim againCandace Owens can't decide if racism still exists in western worldCandace Owens can't decide if the opinions of celebrities matterCandace Owens can't decide if the politics of the past have lingering effectsCandace Owens can't decide if being a victim is coolCandace Owens can't decide if minds should be changedCandace Owens can't decide if culture is importantCandace Owens can't decide if ppl who disagree with her should be called slavesCandace Owens can't decide if she supports free speechCandace Owens can't decide if being racist should have consequencesCandace Owens can't decide if calling people racist is okayCandace Owens claims conservatives are happier than liberalsCandace Owens can't decide if conservatives reject victimhoodCandace Owens can't decide if someone should be offended by confederatesCandace Owens can't decide if the left hates white peopleCandace Owens can't make up her mind about the DemocratsCandace Owen's can't decide if she's triggeredCandace Owens back to calling ppl low IQCandace Owens can't decide if playing the race card is acceptableCandace Owens rejects the shill gambit when she's not usingCandace Owens might have learned a lesson about mass shootingsCandace Owens can't decide if anyone but the shooter is to blameCandace Owens lacks the self-awareness to realize how narcissistic she really isCandace Owens thinks homes and countries are the same thingCandace Owens still can't make up her mind about victim cultureCandace Owens making shit up about Trump's impeachmentCandace Owens trying to score some cheap partisan pointsCandace Owens using more "us vs. them" thinkingCandace Owens isn't sure if blacks are better off today than in the 1960'sSo qualifiedThings must have changed very quickly in just 4 monthsWhat a hackWhat about Hunter Biden?Stupid analogyCandace not sure if Trumpanzees deserve special treatmentNo self-awarenessIf you don't agree with me you're unamericanOnly celebrities who like TrumpI'm smarter than you and more popular tooI'm smarter than you and more popular tooSo much for unityCandace Owens says being a conservative is tougher than being gay in the 80'sSimultaneously worse than they've ever been but better than they've ever beenFacts before feelings except for nowCandace contradicting herself within minutesCandace contradicting herself againCandace is splitting hairsCandace and the same old tricksCandace should feel embarassedCandace just cannot make up her mindCandace Owens confused about prison reformCandace Owens is such a grifterNo, Candace. This tweet hasn't aged well.Candace Owens confused about lifeCandace Owens not sure if death is nobleCandace Owens needs some perspectivePrioritiesCandace Owens confused about vaccinesCandace Owens confused about vaccinesCandace confusedCandace Owens is okay with politicizing this virus for TrumpCandace Owens is okay with breaking laws she doesn't likeThat didn't take muchCandace Owens doing some AB testingMake up your mind CandacePretty racist...Hot take from Candace OwensCandace Owens is a tokenCandace Owens accusing PolitiFact, without evidence, of being biasedSure seems like you were doing the sameCandace Owen milking the Jacob Blake shooting for all its worthCandace confusedThe best of times... the worst of timesFoolWow so things must have changed very quickly in less than two yearsMake up your mind, CandaceLolPeople with high IQs don't go around bragging about their IQsJAQing offCheap deflection tacticShit logic but par for the courseThis is so exhaustingCandace Owens Logic 101Candace Owens confused about her role in the mosque shootingAd HominemDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkHasty GeneralizationGalileo's GambitDoublethinkDoublethinkCherry PickingdEmOnRaTs aRe ThE REAL rAcIsTS!!1