Charlie Kirk sucks at math - Doublethink by Charlie Kirk

So welfare costs $1 trillion per year but only $2 trillion has been spent on welfare programs since the 60's? That doesn't sound right.

Doublethink Doublethink Charlie Kirk Charlie KirkCharlie Kirk can't decide if drug crimes are badCharlie Kirk equates supporting amnesty with supporting MS-13Charlie Kirk making up stats again about CaliforniaOrwellian level doublethinkCharlie Kirk can't decide if boycotts are okayCharlie Kirk spreading white genocide conspiracy theoriesCharlie Kirk thinks being ridiculed is a sign that you're doing something rightCharlie Kirk doesn't care what "experts" sayCharlie Kirk can't decide if due process mattersCharlie Kirk spreading more false and misleading claimsCharlie Kirk's meaningless platitude about immigrationNot exactly true, CharlieCharlie Kirk thinks the US wasn't a country until 1882PredictableCharlie Kirk's cheap ad hominem. Most likely at David Hogg.Charlie Kirk's circular reasoningNo they don'tCharlie Kirk making up statistics againCharlie Kirk can't decide if Obama was for open bordersCharlie Kirk reversing the burden of proof with godCharlie Kirk thinks the world's 5th largest economy is a shit holeCharlie Kirk: Love it or leave itCharlie Kirk: what about Hillary?!More of the same bullshit arguments from conservativesCharlie Kirk doesn't know what Obama's immigration policy wasCharlie Kirk doesn't criticize Trump for the same stuff Obama has doneCharlie Kirk can't decide if government shut downs are goodCharlie Kirk spewing more Christian nonsenseCharlie Kirk is spreading baseless claims about the economyCharlie Kirk can't decide if wealth is a fixed pieCharlie Kirk can't decide if due process mattersCharlie Kirk thinks a lack of evidence is evidenceCharlie Kirk lying about Saudi decoration in NYCCharlie Kirk's lies about Bill Cosby's star on the walk of fameWe need sources, CharlieAgain, Charlie, please provide sourcesCharlie, please provide sourcesCharlie Kirk: Please provide sources (1)Charlie Kirk: please provide sourcesCharlie Kirk's baseless claims about gun controlCharlie Kirk can't decide if the dems are upset or notExcept if he's a Republican, CharlieCharlie Kirk's open borders domino theoryCharlie Kirk can't decide if despotism is coolCharlie Kirk can't decide if taxation is theftCharlie Kirk doesn't know if Amazon HQ2 was a good deal or notCharlie Kirk thinks the bible is legit because lots of other ppl think its legitCharlie Kirk can't make up his mind about bordersCharlie Kirk can't decide if taxes are good or notCharlie Kirk cherry picking examples to give credence to his claims of "fake news"Charlie Kirk can't make up his mind about gun background checksCharlie Kirk doesn't know what true diversity isCharlie Kirk exploiting the death of Mollie Tibbetts to seize a cheap talking pointCharlie Kirk can't decide if an ad populum is valid reasoningCharlie Kirk spouting evangelical bullshitCharlie Kirk thinks resurrections are consistent with biologyCharlie Kirk is so close to self-awarenessCharlie Kirk can't remember if Obama defended the borderCharlie Kirk ironically using the suffering of Venezuelans to drive home his agendaCharlie Kirk doesn't know if Venezuela should receive aidCharlie Kirk can't decide if open borders are humane or notCharlie Kirk can't decide if celebrities should stay out of politicsCharlie Kirk can't decide if straw men are okayCharlie Kirk can't decide if Europe is socialist or not.Charlie Kirk can't decide where rights come from. God or government?Charlie Kirk can't decide if western values make muslims less radicalCharlie Kirk thinks subsidies are bad unless they're for IsraelCharlie Kirk blatantly lying about unemployment ratesCharlie Kirk contradicting himselfCharlie Kirk pretending to be civilCharlie Kirk inconsistent about small governmentCharlie Kirk can't decide if we should be thankful for a presidentCharlie Kirk using precise statistics to appear nuanced but never offers any sourcesCharlie Kirk can't decide if victimhood is a cancer or notCharlie Kirk cannot make up his mind about EuropeCharlie Kirk can't make up his mind about CaliforniaCharlie Kirk isn't sure if we should be thankful for a presidentCharlie Kirk's sycophancy has caused him to do a complete 180 in regards to TrumpCharlie Kirk lying about lowest ever black unemploymentCharlie Kirk exploiting mother's day to spread his anti-immigrant agendaCharlie Kirk thinks California is a third world countryCharlie Kirk can't decide if it's time to move onCharlie Kirk reaching back about 50 years to dig up dirtCharlie Kirk reaching back to 1980 for dirtCharlie Kirk lying about the largest women's event everCharlie Kirk can't decide if political opponents should go to jailCharlie Kirk entering the realm of criminal stupidityCharle Kirk thinks Trump is responsible for Botswana legalizing gay marriageCharlie Kirk trying to wreck AOC and failing miserablyCharle Kirk thinks homes and countries are the same thingCharlie Kirk can't decide if walls workCharlie Kirk can't make up his mind about entitlementCharlie Kirk can't decide if political opponents should go to jailCharlie Kirk can't decide you can be oppressed if you go to HarvardCharlie Kirk has his priorities messed upCharlie Kirk is not good with mathCharlie Kirk can't decide if Obama protected the borderCharlie Kirk can't decide if taxes are theftCharlie Kirk can't decide if taxes are theft againCharlie Kirk needs to make up this mind about taxesCharlie Kirk can't decide if the Democrats are the party of the KKKCharlie Kirk can't decide if undocumented immigrants workCharlie Kirk doing some more whataboutismCharlie Kirk exploiting Kate Steinle's death to score some cheap partisan pointCharlie Kirk can't decide if he cares about homeless pplCharlie Kirk's doublethink about the border againCharlie Kirk can't decide if the Democrats are the party of the KKKCharlie Kirk can't decide if he supports incarceration for pointless crimeCharle Kirk thinks rejection is a sign that you must be doing something rightCharlie Kirk is the epitome of partisan politics and cheap shotsCharlie Kirk doesn't know what year America was foundedCharlie Kirk can't decide if skin colors mattersCharlie Kirk can't decide if mass shootings should be politicizedCharlie Kirk conveniently trying to ignore the El Paso shooterCharlie Kirk can't decide if tragedies should be politicizedCharlie Kirk can't decide if he accepts basic biologyCharlie Kirk can't decide if he likes lawsCharlie Kirk exploiting deaths to push an anti-immigrant agendaCharlie Kirk abandoning his limited gov principles to score some cheap partisan pointsCharlie Kirk equates guns with hammers and clubsCharlie Kirk can't decide if people should be loyal to a presidentCharlie Kirk can't decide if there's a recessionCharlie Kirk taking more cheap shotsCharlie Kirk is surprised that blue states have Democratic congressmanCharlie Kirk's tu quoqueCharlie Kirk can't decide if wealth is zero sumCharlie Kirk can't decide if a life of public service is a good thingCharlie Kirk doesn't know what bigotry isCharlie Kirk being selectively ourtragedCharlie Kirk doesn't know if trade is zero sumCharlie Kirk using one of those "shithole" countries as an authorityCharlie Kirk can't decide if America should copy other countriesCharlie Kirk can't decide if he likes democracyCharlie Kirk not sure if celebrating someone's death is okayCharlie Kirk is confused about due processCharlie Kirk doesn't know how to feel about government employeesCharlie Kirk confused about presidential powerCharlie Kirk confused about the electoral collegeCharlie Kirk is so dumbCharlie Kirk is a low key homphobeCharlie Kirk not sure how he feels about ID polCharlie Kirk can't make up his mind about generosityCharlie Kirk can't decide if criminals obey lawsAccording to Charlie Kirk, Democrats simultaneously care too much and not enough about the environmentCharlie Kirk not sure if ISIS has been destroyedCharlie Kirk can't decide if students are rejecting socialismCharlie Kirk spreading lies about Christine Blasey FordCharlie Kirk is confused about the 14th amendmentCharlie Kirk can't make up his mind about college "indoctrination" centersCharlie Kirk looking to be offended by somethingCharlie Kirk not sure if ad populum is goodCharlie Kirk can't decide if guns should be taken awayCharlie Kirk thinks the second amendment only applies to people he doesn't likeCharlie Kirk not sure if a few bad apples spoil things for the restCharlie Kirk lying about generosityCharlie Kirk is a complete messCharlie Kirk is not good with mathCharlie Kirk can't decide if Europe is socialistCharlie Kirk can't decide if Europe is socialist againCharlie Kirk fails to claim the moral high groundCharlie Kirk not sure if people should be judged as individualsCharlie Kirk being a partisan hack again. This time about AOC's taxesCharlie Kirk being Charlie Kirk...Charlie Kirk deflecting againCharlie Kirk getting desperate now that impeachment is a realityCharlie Kirk is a petulant childCharlie Kirk deflecting about Trump and UkraineCharlie Kirk isn't sure of it's okay to disobey lawsCharlie Kirk isn't sure if an American can be a victimCharlie Kirk not sure about virtue signalingCharlie Kirk not sure if polls should be trustedCharlie Kirk isn't sure if conservatives are oppressedCharlie Kirk and what about PelosiCharlie Kirk can't decide if he supports boycottsPlease provide sources, CharlieCharlie Kirk not sure if he should be offendedCharlie Kirk not sure if liberals care about racismCharlie Kirk confused about affirmative actionPick one, CharlieBut what about china???Charlike Kirk misleads followers about Democrats and the UkraineCharlie Kirk isn't sure if people obey lawsCharlie Kirk thinks Roger Stone is above the lawCharlie Kirk triggered by Chik-fil-aCharlie Kirk spreading misleading claims to deepen the political divideScience doesn't matter except for when it doesCharlie isn't sure if ideas he doesn't like should be toleratedWTFWhat a loserI have a tough time believing that Charlie has never encountered homophobia in the conservative communityCheap argument, if you can even call it thatLazy thinkingSure seems like Charlie hates rich peopleSoleimani wasn't a revered military figure. He was a revered military figureDeep state conspiracy type reasoningIf Andrew McCabe supposedly lied to the FBI then how come Michael Flynn can't?Someone deliberately set a fire somewhere so global warming is a hoaxSomeone in a position of power disagrees with me so they should lose their positionArrest George Lopez for making a jokeThis does absolutely nothing to say about climate scienceThis is dishonestReal Americans support TrumpDemocratic socialists aren't advocates of gulagsCharlie Kirk is confused about paid family leaveHow does anyone think this guy is an objective source?Charlie Kirk confused about where rights come fromSimultaneously really conservative and really leftist No one is above the law except for Roger StoneUghhSuch a partisan hackOnly Roger Stone is above the lawCharlie Kirk confused about marijuana legalizationCharlie Kirk doesn't know who pollutes more: China or America?Charlie Kirk confused about marijuanaCharlie Kirk backtracking on marijuana legalizationRule of law matters except for when it doesn'tCharlie Kirk confused about where rights come fromCharlie Kirk contradicting himself about the coronavirus a mere one day laterCharlie Kirk owning himself about the coronavirusMake up your mind about the coronavirus, CharlieCharlie Kirk not sure if criticizing a government means you're bigoted against its citizensCharlie Kirk not sure if Biden is for open bordersAtrocious reasoning from CharlieCharlie Kirk confused about health care as it related to the coronavirus Charlie Kirk continues being a partisan hackCharlie Kirk thinks that prayers will cure the coronavirusCharlie Kirk abandoning his free market principlesCharlie Kirk not how he feels about non-violent offendersThis is getting too easyCharlie Kirk not sure if he should blame othersCharlie Kirk not sure if polls should be trustedCharlie Kirk not sure if he's exploiting tragediesWhat the fuck, CharlieCharlie Kirk thinks Trump deserves credit for the stock market but only when it goes upCharlie Kirk confused about funding historically black collegesCharlie Kirk spreading lies about hydroxychloroquineCrazyCharlie confused about capitalism againCharlie not sure if capitalism is a cure for pandemicsCharlie Kirk sucks at mathCharlie Kirk not sure which workers are essentialCharlie Kirk not sure if laws should be obeyedCharlie Kirk confused about entitlementCharlie Kirk not sure if can pick and choose which laws he wants to followThis makes no senseUghSo confusedCharlie Kirk is so glibCharlie Kirk is virtue signalingCharlie Kirk failing miserably once again to own the libsAnything to own the libs, CharlieCharlie is the gift that keeps givingCharlie Kirk is beyond parodyCharlie Kirk doesn't really believe that taxation is theftCharlie Kirk continues to be a clueless moronCharlie Kirk is beyond parodyTheir statues. Nope, OUR statues!Freeze peachHonestly, wtfWorld class logic hereCharlie Kirk thinks pandemics and abortions are the same thingsBrain worms CharlieWtf, CharlieCharlie Kirk exploiting Cannon Hinnant's death for some cheap partisan pointsCharlie Kirk comparing Bernie to StalinDeflectionDeflectionCharlie Kirk confused about gender and identity politicsPrioritiesIf you're going to try to claim the moral high ground, at least delete your old tweetsCharlie Kirk is a disgusting human beingLolIs it still just a mythPick oneHackMakes senseHacksAccept the results alreadyThings that aged terriblyTypical "pro-life" christianBootlickerYou're not a REAL republican unless you oppose amnestSo race is a social construct but gender isn't?Anything to own the libsMore hackeryHe isn't even trying to hide his partisan hackery anymorePick oneTell Kirk to take kindergarten logic again. Hes definitely lost somewhere. SMHCharlie Kirk continuing to be a sore loserWhen you get your talking points mixed upDoublethinkAppeal to ForcePost Hoc FallacyDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkFalse EquivalenceDoublethinkWhataboutismFalse EquivalenceDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethink