CJ Pearson's cringey Colin Kaepernick rant and pretending to care about civility - Doublethink by CJ Pearson

CJ trying to claim that moral high ground by pretending to be all about civil conversation

Doublethink Doublethink CJ Pearson CJ PearsonPlease provide links to your researchReal women are MRAsLove it or leave it!CJ Pearson thinks Americans can't be victimsCJ Pearson pretending to care about biologyCJ Pearson says it's okay to punch down as long as it's against David HoggCJ Pearson using the dixiecrat fallacyCJ Pearson is the embodiment of dunning-krugerCJ Pearson doesn't know if it's acceptable to play the race cardCJ Pearson can't decide if it's time to move on from the civil warCJ Pearson's cringey Colin Kaepernick rant and pretending to care about civilityCj Pearson can't decide if virtue signaling is coolCj Pearson being cheap and resorting to whataboutismCJ Pearson can't decide if it's okay to use MLK as a tokenCJ Pearson exploiting the synagogue shooting to score some cheap political points against Ilhan OmarCJ Pearson can't decide if democrats are the KKKCJ Pearson can't decide he hates working class pplCJ Pearson doesn't know what truth isCJ Pearson is confused about the role of governmentCJ Pearson not sure if degrees make people smartCJ Pearson can't decide if calling someone as a racist is a good counterargumentCJ Perason with a no true scotsmanCJ Pearson trying to cast all Democrats as pedophilesCJ Pearson not sure if he cares about the opinions of celebritiesCJ Pearson trying to take the moral high groundCJ Pearson trying to claim the high road againCJ Pearson doing exactly what he accuses the other side ofCJ Pearson owning himself againCJ Pearson hates guilt by association except for when he doesn'tCJ Pearson deflecting againCJ Pearson contradicting himself about white nationalism within hoursCJ Pearson isn't sure if slavery is a choiceDoes anyone even claim that it will?But you force others to apologize to outrage mobsCJ is confused about historyYeah you doCheap ad hominemCJ Pearson confused about the economy2 days apartCJ making more baseless claimsCJ is so dumbCJ Pearson has like 5 talking points at most that he just repeatsWhat about Hillary?So much for telling like it isNone of the right's sacred cows are realConservatives pretending to care about civility and honest discussions