Doublethink - Doublethink by Anna Paulina Luna

This sure seems like identity politics to me

Doublethink Doublethink Anna Paulina Luna Anna Paulina LunaAnna Paulina can't decide if she should play the race cardAnna Paulina can't decide if she's telling ppl how to voteAnna Paulina resorting to whataboutismAnna Paulina can't remember what she said a mere seconds earlierAnna Paulina can't decide if we should be civilAnna Paulina is certifiably dumbAnna Paulina doesn't know if hispanics are conservatives or liberalsAnna Paulina thinks that if you disagree with a law you should move somewhere elseAnna Paulina can't decide if ppl should have to move to other statesAnna Paulina about the media exploiting tragedies while exploiting Mollie Tibbetts' deathAnna Paulina can't decide if Hispanics are democrats or republicansAnna Paulina pretending to care about scientific proofAnna Paulina can't decide if she likes big governmentAnna Paulina can't decide if she should move to a different stateAnna Paulina can't decide if pandering to Hispanics is okayAnna Paulina can't decide if people should be censoredAnna Paulina pretending to care about honest discussionAnna Paulina doesn't know what nuance isAnna Paulina is a hypocriteAnna Paulina is so glibAnna Paulina is so dumbAnna Paulina still not sure if she should leave because she doesn't like the lawAnna Paulina is barely literateAnna Paulina playing the race cardAnna Paulina criticizing AOC being a congresswoman only to run for congress herselfAnna Paulina being a partisan hack againAnna Paulina not sure if hispanics are conservatives or liberalsAnna Paulina says that vaccinations will lead to force sterilizationsAnna Paulina says love thy neighbor while advocating for a wall between our neighborsAnna Paulina says that open borders = human smugglingSo dumbAnna Paulina getting her talking points mixed upBeing a victim of robbery doesn't make you an authority on gun controlLame comparisonWhat about child porn???Are you on drugs?DoublethinkDoublethinkBaseless ClaimAppeal to AuthorityDoublethinkBaseless ClaimDoublethinkFactual InaccuracyFactual InaccuracyNon SequiturNon SequiturAnna Mayerhofer might be pulling a Hilaria Baldwin