This is getting too easy - Doublethink by Educating Liberals ??????

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Doublethink Doublethink Educating Liberals ?????? Educating Liberals ??????Doublethink by Educating Liberals ??????Dylan Wheeler can't decide if businesses have the right to refuse serviceDylan Wheeler can't decide if due process is goodDylan Wheeler's Ad Hominem Tu QuoqueFoolDylan Wheeler can't decide if he's a RepublicanDylan Wheeler thinks people are smart because they're richDylan Wheeler says you should love it or leave it!Dylan Wheeler appeal to traditionDylan Wheeler thinks gay marriage leads to pedophiliaDylan Wheeler claims he doesn't push his faith on anyoneDylan Wheeler cherry picking random ppl on the streetEducating Liberals doesn't know who is going to pay for the wallDylan Wheeler can't decide if government shut downs are goodEducating Liberals paying the hurt feelings cardDylan Wheeler compares antifa to ISIS and the KKKEducating Liberals is making up statistics againDylan Wheeler is a wannabe tough guy. A "digital soldier"Educating Liberals doesn't know what labor day isDylan Wheeler's appeal to authorityDylan Wheeler thinks kids not reading the bible causes them to end up in prisonDylan Wheeler can't decide if it's okay to call ppl mentally illDylan Wheeler peddling conspiracy theories about RBG being deadDylan Wheeler is a clownDylan Wheeler can't decide if it's okay to call someone a slaveDylan Wheeler can't decide if attacking someone's religion is okay or notDylan Wheeler pretending to care about vets like John McCainDylan Wheeler can't decide if boycotts are good or notDylan Wheeler can't decide if schools should tell ppl what to thinkDylan Wheeler can't decide if he cares about gay pplDylan Wheeler can't decide if calling something a mental disorder is okay or notDylan Wheeler can't decide if pride is sinfulDylan Wheeler can't decide if straight people need participation trophiesDylan Wheeler can't decide if boycotts backfireDylan Wheeler can't decide if virtue signaling is okayDylan Wheeler can't decide if someone should have to leave the countryDylan Wheeler says only god is capable of judgingDylan Wheeler can't decide if he cares that other ppl like himDylan Wheeler has officially entered the realm of self-parodyDylan Wheeler doesn't know if he thinks taxation is theftDylan Wheeler denying that he's in a cult by saying something that a cult member would sayDylan Wheeler is a racistDylan Wheeler doesn't know what the 14th amendment isDylan Wheeler can't decide if he should be offended all the timeDylan Wheeler trying to claim the moral high ground in regards to Kamala Harris's commentsDylan Wheeler still not sure if he should be offended by petty stuffDylan Wheeler says that Michelle Obama is a manDylan Wheeler contradicting himself about LGBT issues againDylan Wheeler is not sure where rights come fromDylan Wheeler says that jet fuel can't melt steel beamsDylan Wheeler spreading more 9/11 truther bullshitDylan Wheeler erecting a straw man about Brett KavanaughDylan Wheeler thinks guns and people are the sameDylan trying to explain away his lack of successThis tweet aged wellComplete bullshitSounds like you do care about itThis is not trueYour standards are too lowThere's legit no way to reckon with this level of insanitySeparation of church and stateSeparation of church and state already!Maybe because it never happened?You answered your own questionCriminally stupidWhat a dickThis is getting too easyWorshipping government by proxy?Yeah, that's not trueComparing Trump to JesusThe Iraq war was a disaster. So shut up and don't ask any more questions about a war with Iran.Dylan Wheeler needs professional helpFacts over feelings except for all of my bullshitWhat a load of shitDylan Wheeler thinks guns and viruses are the same thingsScience was wrong before....Two blatant lies in one tweetDylan Wheeler is a selfish scumbagDylan Wheeler is a selfish cunt