Liz Wheeler is confused about biology - Doublethink by Liz Wheeler

"Jesus died and came back to life" "biological FACTS"

Doublethink Doublethink Liz Wheeler Liz WheelerDoublethink by Liz WheelerLiz Wheeler doesn't know that being a cop is a choice and being gay isn'tLiz Wheeler can't decide is breaking the law is okayLiz Wheeler's ad populum logical fallacyLiz Wheeler is spreading bullshit statistics about gun controlSo wrong, LizLiz Wheeler doesn't know what science isLiz Wheeler decides to play a game of whataboutismLiz Wheeler can't decide if Obama was for border securityLiz Wheeler can't make up her mind about virtue signallingLiz Wheeler is confused about individual rightsLiz Wheeler can't make up her mind about states rightsLiz Wheeler making baseless claims about the Ohio shooterLiz Wheeler grasping at straws trying to make the left responsible for the Ohio shootingLiz Wheeler thinks ppl who care about climate change are hypocrites if they file taxesLiz Wheeler thinks global warming has benefitsLiz Wheeler thinks Ferraris and college degrees are the sameLiz Wheeler is confused about biologyLiz Wheeler not sure if liberals use identity politicsLiz Wheeler not sure if people should be patronizedLiz Wheeler is confused about laws being applied equallyLiz Wheeler being Liz WheelerLiz Wheeler doesn't know shit about the coronaviursLiz Wheeler is a bootlickerLiz Wheeler confused about health infoLiz Wheeler concern trollingBaseless ClaimDoublethinkDoublethinkConservatives pretending to care about science