PragerU can't decide if the state should force private businesses to do business - Doublethink by PragerU

PragerU, make up your mind already.

Doublethink Doublethink PragerU PragerUDoublethink by PragerUPragerU can't decide if businesses have the right to refuse servicePragerU can't decide if racism is a problem PragerU can't decide if Europe is socialist or notPragerU can't decide if the state should force private businesses to do businessPragerU can't decide if the state should force private companies to do businessPragerU doesn't know if they want to play the oppression olympicsPragerU can't decide if virtue signaling worksPragerU thinks murder is wrong because god says it's wrongPragerU selectively choosing when they should consult the opinions of celebritiesPragerU being inconsistent about banning thingsPragerU abandoning their biblical principlesPragerU not sure if doomsday scenarios are okayKeynesian Only celebrities who agree with us are worth listening toSo dumbDefend Israel because it should be defendedA lot changed in one yearSo lazyThis is not a good argument in favor of capitalismIt failed there so it will fail here tooMake up your mindWhat a bunch of partisan hacksPick onePick oneI don't think that PragerU even know what faith isPragerU getting its talking points mixed upPragerU thinks using the tolerance paradox is edgy and cleverPragerU confused about safetySafety is important except for when it isn'tPragerU confused about wallsTell Kirk to take kindergarten logic again. Hes definitely lost somewhere.So much for those personal attacksPragerU being PragerUThese people know that they're making bad faith argumentsTry reading these two tweets directly after one anotherWhat does this say about PragerU?You need to pick one already, DennisTupac was a socialistFactual InaccuracyBandwagoningAd HominemBe skeptical but also comply or dieDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkDoublethinkBiG tEcH CeNsOrSHiPConservatives pretending to hate socialismConservatives pretending to hate statism