Ted Cruz doesn't know if he should defend the constitution - Doublethink by Ted Cruz

1) We've gotta defend the constitution 2) Abolish the 14th amendment Okay, dude. You're either just completely ignorant of what the 14th amendment does or you're just a partisan hack. I'm going with the latter considering how you're a Harvard educated former attorney. https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/amendmentxiv

Doublethink Doublethink Ted Cruz Ted CruzDoublethink by Ted CruzTed Cruz: Enforce the law. But, only laws that I agree with.Ted Cruz doesn't know if he should defend the constitutionTed Cruz can't decide if it's okay to break the lawTed Cruz is so patheticTed Cruz is all about that rule of lawself-proclaimed patriots being ignorant of their own countryItS tHe LaW!!1conservatives that clearly have not read the constitution