Used to tag all of the examples of sycophants blindly worshiping authority. Bootlickers can be found on all ends of the political spectrum but they're usually c

Stonewall Jackson with a typical bootlicking sentiment from this loserCharlie Kirk can't decide if he supports incarceration for pointless crimeBrandon Tatum can't decide if exonerations means anythingBrandon Tatum can't decide if he'd let the government take our guns awayDylan Wheeler can't decide if virtue signaling is okayBrandon Tatum can't decide if the second amendment should be embracedTankie defending Stalin and CastroLarry Elder thinks reparations should be payed to slave ownersBrandon Tatum would support fugitive slave laws if it were the 1850'sTomi Lahren is inconsistent about the responsibilities of border patrolLove it or leave it!