Conservatives making excuses for ppl on their own side

Brandon Tatum can't decide if it's okay to use the n-wordBrandon Tatum can't decide if apologies are enoughBrandon Tatum can't decide if ppl should be offended by racial jokesBrandon Tatum can't decide if it's okay to use the n-wordCharlie Kirk can't decide you can be oppressed if you go to HarvardCharlie Kirk reaching back to 1980 for dirtCharlie Kirk reaching back about 50 years to dig up dirtCharlie Kirk can't decide if it's time to move onRob Smith of Turning Point thinks it's okay to use identity politics if you're a republicanCharlie Kirk can't decide if we should be thankful for a presidentCandace Owens denying that Trump ever made these commentsCharlie Kirk can't decide if despotism is coolExcept if he's a Republican, CharlieDan Bongino can't decide if you should respect a sitting president Charlie Kirk can't decide if government shut downs are goodJordan Peterson smearing others as "deniers" while bitching about it himselfTomi Lahren is inconsistent about the responsibilities of border patrolCharlie Kirk doesn't criticize Trump for the same stuff Obama has doneWhen your misogyny is stronger than your libertarian ideologyCassandra Fairbanks can't decide if she supports Roy MooreStonewall Jackson can't decide if unprotected emails are dangerousPaul Joseph Watson can't decide if defending pedophiles is okayCharlie Kirk can't decide if drug crimes are badPaul Joseph Watson being a partisan hack againPaul Joseph Watson defending pedophile Roy MooreCharlie Kirk being selectively ourtragedCharlie Kirk doesn't know how to feel about government employees