Conservatives pretending to care about civility and honest discussions

Charlie Kirk pretending to be civilKaitlin Bennett pretending to care about political violenceLaura Ingraham's partisan hackery and pretending to care about personal attacksCJ Pearson's cringey Colin Kaepernick rant and pretending to care about civilityCharlie Kirk can't decide if straw men are okayCandace Owens can't decide if it's okay to call others racistsCJ Pearson says it's okay to punch down as long as it's against David HoggCandace Owens can't decide if it's okay to use children to push an agendaDylan Wheeler can't decide if he's a RepublicanFoolPeter Sweden pretending to be about love and kindnessOrwellian level doublethinkDylan Wheeler has officially entered the realm of self-parodyDylan Wheeler can't decide if he should be offended all the timeDylan Wheeler trying to claim the moral high ground in regards to Kamala Harris's commentsDylan Wheeler says that Michelle Obama is a manDinesh D'Souza slams teenager with autismCJ Pearson trying to take the moral high groundCJ Pearson trying to claim the high road againCJ Pearson doing exactly what he accuses the other side of