ItS tHe LaW!!1

A cowardly bootlicking sentiment that is used as an excuse to violate the rights of others. This is used by people on all ends of the political spectrum but rig

Christian conservatives in a nutshellBrandon Tatum can't decide if the second amendment should be embracedLiz Wheeler can't decide is breaking the law is okayTed Cruz can't decide if it's okay to break the lawLiz Wheeler can't decide if criminals obey lawsBrandon Tatum would support fugitive slave laws if it were the 1850'sCFall76 thinks you should only obey laws that he agrees withEvan Kilgore employing the "don't cute in line" platitudeTed Cruz doesn't know if he should defend the constitutionTed Cruz: Enforce the law. But, only laws that I agree with.Mike Huckabee thinks everyone is going to jail since Kim Davis went to jailCharlie Kirk thinks the US wasn't a country until 1882Brandon Tatum can't decide if he obeys our lawsCharlie Kirk isn't sure of it's okay to disobey lawsTed Cruz is all about that rule of law