Love it or leave it!

Jeanine Pirro says love it or leave it!Dylan Wheeler can't decide if someone should have to leave the countryBrandon Tatum can't decide if he supports the first amendmentBrandon Tatum says you can love it or leave itLiberty Hangout can't decide if someone should leave America if they don't like itAnna Paulina can't decide if she should move to a different stateAnna Paulina can't decide if ppl should have to move to other statesAnna Paulina thinks that if you disagree with a law you should move somewhere elseDylan Wheeler says you should love it or leave it!Charlie Kirk: Love it or leave itLove it or leave it!Brandon Tatum isn't sure if you should love it or leave itShekinah thinks people who don't like racism should move somewhere elseAnna Paulina still not sure if she should leave because she doesn't like the lawRed Nation Rising not sure if you should stay or leave