Sounds like anti-SJWs are the easily offended ones

Although a bit counterintuitive, the biggest snowflakes are actually the ones who are the most vocally against political correctness and trigger warnings. Anti-

Candace Owen's can't decide if she's triggeredTomi Lahren says "facts don't care about your feelings" after getting offended by a jokeCandace Owens can't decide if she should be offendedCandace Owens can't decide if calling ppl slaves is okay or notTomi Lahren can't decide if she's a snowflakeDylan Wheeler can't decide if boycotts are good or notDylan Wheeler pretending to care about vets like John McCainDylan Wheeler is a wannabe tough guy. A "digital soldier"Paul Joseph Watson is a snowflakeDan Bongino can't decide if you should respect a sitting president Educating Liberals paying the hurt feelings cardDon't be so offended all the time!Brandon Tatum is a partisan snowflakeCharlie Kirk is a low key homphobeDylan Wheeler still not sure if he should be offended by petty stuffDylan Wheeler contradicting himself about LGBT issues againCharlie Kirk looking to be offended by somethingTrump students can't decide if they support boycottsTrump Students is offended by a whole bunch of companiesPaul Joseph Watson is a partisan hackJack Posobiec being a partisan hack againJack Posobiec dislikes cancel culture except for when he doesn'tCharlie Kirk not sure if he should be offended